How Powerful Story Telling Can Help You Manage Your Team

Girl Storytelling to Dog
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Scottish Libraries

As professional communicators, we always have stories to tell. Whether it be stories of our clients, or stories about us, but have you ever used stories to lead your team? I have many times and it works. I tell stories that inspire me and keep me going.

One day after a big client event battling many technology challenges, we were in the de-briefing meeting. We were still riding on the high of euphoria from the success of the day before.  I hooked up my computer to the LCD screen in the meeting room, and was waiting for the display to light up. My computer has it’s challenges – it’s like an old lady in the early morning – it takes a little more time than usual to wake up. That’s when one of my team members said, “Yu Yu, you have the worst computer in the digital team,” everyone in the room agreed – they all know I battle with my touch pad at times, and it has a hard time ‘waking up’. Even the lightest of browsers crashes every couple of hours – we all experience it 5-7 times a day because we use a lot of computing power. read more